New Directions

In October 2010, I visited for the first time, beautiful Barcelona and my eyes and heart connected like a magnet to the work of Antoine Gaudi. I came home to start to play with mosaics in my garage, breaking plates and tiles and realizing the connection to quilts, art created of pieces, and yet enjoying the serendipity play in this medium. Excited to translate it to fiber I created Fractured Nature / Summer and thread painted to create the look of grout. Though successful and to be continued, it was the medium of the mosaic that percolated on a slow simmer inside of me.

In the spring of 2015, after a lot of stuff making, but little art making, I took myself “back to school” to learn about creating mosaics for different installations. I am now exploring the use of glass and smalti in creating mosaic. I am learning about tesserae, fuga, and andimenta and have fallen in love with this medium. And so… for the time being I plan to follow this passion and see where it takes me.